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Managing Editor, Co-Founder

Randy Clare– Orange County, CA, USA


Following is the phrase that has motivated me since high school you could say it became my credo:

“I read for growth, firmly believing that what you are today and what you will be in five years depends on two things: the people you meet and the books you read.”
― Twyla TharpThe Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

Since the day I took that phrase to heart I have tried to always have a book on the go, and a new friend on the horizon. I turned into a relentless autodidact I used this cedo to develop my curiosity, I believe it has made me a better sales person, marketer and business leader.

My professional life has been centered around sleep apnea diagnosis and therapy, and respiratory care. I am not a clinician however I have worked with, and been educated by, some of the best. In my opinion it is critical to orient your career decisions around mentors, constant improvement and collaboration. My mentors have been so important to me that I am committed to mentor anyone who seems ready to learn. This philosophy has given me the opportunity me to work with some incredibly dedicated clinicians Dr Wayne Halstrom, Dr Edward Spiegel, Dr Bradley Eli and Dr John Viviano;  together we have found and have developed opportunities that have shaped my career.

I have always been a sales person, setting and achieving high targets is a requirement at this level. Great sales people need to work on a team, I have always collaborated with marketing, sales ops, global trade and business development to deliver for the customer.

I have lead teams to achieve goals that have required us to learn new skills and develop tools that fill gaps in our knowledge and skill set to achieve our goals.

For example in order to introduce hand held spirometry to primary care practitioners I lead a team that developed a Spirometry Training App. On the Sleep Apnea side I continue to serve as editor of www.sleepscholar.com,  an online Sleep education blog with a corresponding Linkedin group. In order to make any of this work I first required an editorial mission and key opinion leaders (KOL’s) who could carry the clinical editorial requirement. Once we had a set of KOL’s and an audience we needed to provide a deeper academic experience.  In order to meet this goal I worked with David Gergen and Alan Hickey to found the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, a multidisciplinary academy for professional development and industry advocacy.

Things you should know about me

  • I love a good laugh
  • I don’t care who gets credit- I just want to win
  • I have Big ideas
  • I ask a lot of questions
  • I travel constantly
  • I’m the calm one
  • A long walk on the beach is great especially if we are talking about sleep apnea

Reach out if you have read a good book or you want to talk about an out of the box business idea. If you snore or have sleep apnea but are struggling with treatment, drop me a line. If you are a dentist who needs help setting up a sleep apnea practice I can help you.

Specialties: Listening, Problem Solving, Team Building, Writing, Distribution, Channel Management, Mentorship, Product Development, Social Media Strategy and E-Commerce

Publisher, Co-Founder

Alan Hickey– Huntington Beach, CA, USA

AH_NSA_GOVWe assist healthcare organizations in effectively reaching their target audiences through the development of customized, innovative marketing campaigns across the full spectrum of media platforms. The organizations we work with have successfully grown their revenue and sales over a short period of time. We are successful because our partners have significant experience supporting the unique needs of health care organizations coupled with our technology background in design and development. We understand your customer better than you! Our work has helped medical device organizations in the Sleep medicine, Dentistry and Pulmonology spaces enhance their content, grow distribution, resulting in growth and long term partnerships.

Specialties: Digital Media, Online Advertising, Publishing, Print, Mobile Health, Apps, SEO, Licensing, Distribution, Principal, Board Member, Game Design

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